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Running Beyond Injury

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Running has always been a passion of mine; however people can find and embrace a passion for running at manystages in their lives. It is an activity that can be taken up at any age, by people with varying fitness levels, and the pleasure derived from meeting personal goals and seeing improvements can be felt by all. It often amazes me how our human bodies have the muscular strength, endurance and capacity to carry us the distance when trained properly.

Unfortunately, runners off all abilities are susceptible to injury. The incidence of running injuries is on the rise, with 50 percent of runners injured every year. The majority of these injuries are a result of training errors. Changes in running volume, intensity, surface gradient, running shoes, poor running technique and a history of musculoskeletal pathology can all be contributing factors. The misconception is that once you have a recurring injury or have been diagnosed with arthritis, then your body is not meant to run and you could progress your condition by continuing with the activity.

An injury preventing running can be devastating, but I would like to reassure you that whether you are someone just beginning or a well-conditioned runner, there is no reason why your pain should discourage or prevent you from your athletic pursuits. An assessment conducted by a registered physiotherapist would be invaluable to determining the underlying cause of your injury and ultimately help you attain your training goals.

A physiotherapy assessment entails a thorough discussion to have an understanding of your level of experience as a runner and what recent changes have occurred that may have resulted in your injury. These changes can impact the most experienced athlete to the “newbie” who is becoming comfortable building up their mileage. This line of questioning can help guide the physiotherapist so they can hone in on assessing key muscles, joints and tissues that may be the root cause of pain and dysfunction. These tests can also include functional and strength testing, as well as biomechanical analysis of running technique. Based on these findings from the assessment a physiotherapist will be able to establish an effective treatment plan to palliate pain, eliminate the physical dysfunction, improve your running technique, and prevent further injury.

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“Anybody can be a runner. We were meant to MOVE. We were meant to RUN”
Bill Rodgers

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